Calvero – In black & white

During the period 8th of November - 2nd of December the exhibition "Calvero - In black and white" is shown at Clarion Hotel Stockholm. The exhibition consists of only black and white images, and most of them are shown for the first time.
Torbjörn Calvero is the Swedish rock photographer with international reputation. His color images of Led Zeppelin and Stones on stage in the mid 70`s are classics. In Sweden he is also well known for his work with ABBA and album covers such as Cornelis Vreeswijk and Pugh Rogefeldt.
Calvero started his career in the mid 60`s with the P J Proby picture - included in this exhibition - followed by the Stones pictures in color from Kungliga tennishallen 1966 in Stockholm. He moved to Milan in Italy and worked with Sighsten Herrgård and fashion. But pretty soon he started working with rock photo again. While living in London and Los Angeles in the mid 70`s he had the opportunity to meet and shoot the cream of the rock stars.
Even so, many of his pictures are made in Sweden and Stockholm where Calvero was born and have his heart.
In this exhibition Calvero want to show another side of his work not displayed so often. The images in black and white give us another artistic insight - a little more thoughtful feeling.
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